My Services

I can offer help and support in the following areas.

Recovery from abuse
Relationship problems
Bereavement and loss
Self harm and suicidal thoughts
Low self esteem and self worth
Emotional Distress

All people respond differently to any emotional discomfort and there isn't a 'one-stop'
guaranteed type of counselling that covers everything. My approach is to use all the
training I have had to find an approach that works for YOU.

What to Expect?
A typical counselling session lasts about 50 minutes and we will talk, or do some form
of activity for that time. The surroundings should be comfortable and relaxing. There
are no 'Taboo' subjects that you can't talk about in your session. The time is yours.
Sometimes we will set an agenda together and work towards a positive outcome for
you for a specific issue - this is decided by you. The number of sessions that you have
depends on you and how you get on.

I will not judge you and anything you say will be confidential - there are some legal
requirements that need to be disclosed (such as terrorist acts or money laundering)
and I will go through these in the first session.

Sometimes things that we talk about may be highly emotional for you and if this is
the case I will use the end part of the session to help you get some sort of control
as I don't want you to be leaving in an upset state. I may also ask you to consider
doing some exercises outside of the sessions. Any exercises suggested are entirely
voluntary and are mostly aimed at promoting self-awareness. The effects can be huge.